Monday, July 19, 2010

RVing in Alaska: July Dipnetting Season Is Upon Us!

It's the middle of July, and for those of us with lodging accommodations next to the Kenai River, that means only one thing  Lots and lots of motor homes!  It seems like everybody and their brother (and mother and uncles and cousins, for that matter) are down from the Anchorage, hoping to get their nets in the water and load up on a winter freezer's worth of salmon.  We're glad to be of service and enjoy the energy that all these guests bring to our busy campground.   
Schools of salmon are making their last pilgrimage, leaving the cold ocean waters and making for the streams of their birth.  My kids and I were at a beach a couple days ago, young faces squealing with delight as we watched salmon make their way past a well-fed seal and up into the fresh water creek where we stood, slippery scales passing between our bare legs, thrashings tails leaving a brief wake of foaming white water before disappearing around the bend.          

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